Guest Poet Lynn Barry

Ugly Butterflies (Sasha's Disease)

"I never became a fly," she said.
The girl lived her life in a soft-shell like egg.

Sasha was the "girl in the house next door"-
Professing God herself, was a fly-
And the creator of ugly butterflies.

The girl claimed, "we are all flies"-
Breeding and crawling among one another-
Like an ugly, beautiful natural communion-
Metamorphosing into the cell of a global Egg.

She was a young prophet, a modern day prophet-
Who believed we are all diseased.
Our voices and sins spread through  Sasha's mind-
Through her bones where we were bred.

"It's in your bones," she said-
It's ugly butterflies.

February, 1999

Lynn Barry's Questions:

Is there beauty in the ugly?

What is the metaphor to you?

Who is Sasha?

Is she actually a person or an idea or a bizzare representation for something else? or is she a character in someone's mind? or is she God?

How does this poem challenge your perception?

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