Guest Poet Erica Bauer


A winter night
Cold and gloomy
Tired and hungry we go home
To rest our weary heads for the night
A warm house
A tasty dinner
Time to play with the children
Flaky snow drifting from the sky
Settling on the ground
Snowmen we shall build
Fun and laughter fill the air
As snowballs fly and snow angels are born
Cold and full of cheer
The time is right for some hot choclate
A warm bath
A soothing story and it is off to bed the children go
Snug and cozy is the feeling on a cold winter night
The perfect way to bring the long day to a close

October, 2000

Erica Bauer's Questions:

Please let me know if this is any good and if there is any potential to make it better.

I live in Canada.

The Albany Poetry Workshop