Guest Poet Frank Borchetta


We were supposed to visit 
art museums today.
our hands interlocked 
you could've explained to me
why one piece was better 
than another
why some of them are blue
and the others festively colored.
Making our way to the exit 
the corridor would be bathed in sunlight,
and as we became part of the city's
constant adrenaline rush
I would look at you frequently.
Noticing how the blue ring 
surrounds the brown
in the pupil of your eye.
Instead I replay
our last conversation 
looping it over and over in my head.
Finding places where I could've 
said something different
something to make you feel guilty
something to show you 
what you would miss.
something that would give me 
a small revenge.
Unfortunately its not as amusing
as visiting art musuems.

July, 1999

Frank Borchetta's Questions:

Hey, I just started writing and unfortunately I'm not very good.  Hopefully someone could give me some feedback.

Is this too cliche or sappy?

Where are the grammar errors?

Should I take lines out?  How is the last line?

Does it flow well?  Any other comments would be appreciated.

The Albany Poetry Workshop