Guest Poet C. Lawry Brown

Summer Complaints

They came
with their Boston accents
and their bow ties,
To melt into the faceless days
to become unknown.
To swim and sail 
and gather in hives like bees,
to buzz about Cabot, Rockefeller, 
Lamont, Watson.
To overdose on fresh offerings from the sea.
To play golf, picnic, go clamming
in their L. L.  Bean's and Patagonia's.
To become nameless among the ordinary.
To strip off the mainland and 
swim in the sea of simplicity.
And like the chime of the clock,
the pendulum of Labor Day,
returns the pretenders
back to the city,
to pretend.

May, 1999

C. Lawry Brown's Questions:

This details a life style that is common where I live.  Is this too much like a list of things or does it work? 

I want to show that these people strip off their everyday existence and become something entirely different for a brief time. Do I achieve that?

Are the uses of "faceless" and "sea of simplicity" enough to show that these people are searching for a chance to be unknown?

The last three lines I struggled with, using the same word twice in different form, is it redundant or does it get the point across all right?

Thank you for your comments.

The Albany Poetry Workshop