Guest Poet C. Lawry Brown

Time of No Shadows

Dusk crept on cotton feet
As the nightingale sung its tune.
The colors of day faded to blue
As I reached to pluck the sun.
We waltzed between day's colors
And the blackness of night.
The air so dense, touchable
Earth and sky are one
As everything pauses.
It is the moment of the day
When everything is the same,
When all things are one color.
A period when time doesn't matter,
Where nothing can cast doubt,
No ill wind can blow and
Words remain unspoken.
All is equal in the time of no shadows.

October, 1999

C. Lawry Brown's Questions:

Is it possible for the reader to sense the calm and peace by the lack of color and sound?

  Does the use of cotton give it the soft effect I am trying to achieve?

  Do lines 14-16 fit here, showing that this is a place where only good things are or do they seem out of place?

Thank you!!

The Albany Poetry Workshop