Guest Poet C. Lawry Brown


Alone, the word has finality,
No resonance to continuation.
It is singularly finite,
A dead syllabic solitude.

Alone, no sharer of secrets
Only timeless ears listen, echoless.
Trees of loneliness breathe
The stale air of human despair.

Alone, the fog swallows me
My breath line seen by no one,
Erased into endless opacity
A walker on the tide.

Alone, the transparent image
Of one, incomplete body
Standing like a black shadow
Fading with the sunlight's glow.

June, 2000

C. Lawry Brown's Questions:

Do I achieve the desired effect of the title, that this person is completely alone?

I also try to achieve not only a feeling of loneliness but also a fear that comes with the word alone.  Do I achieve that? 

Is it effective stating the word alone at the beginning of each stanza? 

Thank you for your comments.


The Albany Poetry Workshop