Guest Poet Bill Butler


Contemporary bitterness
stuffed within me
crammed down my throat
by society
how to walk and how to stalk
implanted inside my brain
I've been labeled and disabled
too slow against the pain
fire burning in my sights
Eden dug up in sin
pinkish hue of happiness
tossed within a bin
tinted glass surrounds my soul
to hide all of my pain
pocketful of poppy seeds
considered to be insane
I know not what I've done I'm so, so
empty filled with bitterness
enraged mind tells all to go
life atop a tainted stench
happily skip lightly towards love
trip and fall and skin the knees
only to heal and rise above

September 1997

Bill Butler's Questions:

I like this poem but I know that it needs something. Either it doesn't make sense in some areas or something just doesn't fit so what exactly is it?

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