Guest Poet Celeste Cafasso


there will be letters.. later.
maybe even poems...but , later.
right now I must be away,
longing to tell you of my day adventure....later.

my world is spinning faster
so I must run and not stop until...later
when I can slow the pace,
but not quite stop.

words and actions are coupled
and dreams are taking stranger shapes
without my control.
I can not let them drift off by themselves.

so I must go now...for just a little while
with thoughts of you packed in my pockets
to bulging stuffed.
but I will return , later

emptying all my re- formed, re-stated truths
and bits and pieces of the day collected
in poetry for human visual and mental consumption,
you and I can sit on the edge of our lives

spreading all those things out
in order to see them clearly
we can stretch out on the floor
and talk, and laugh and ....later.

December, 1997

Celeste Cafasso's Questions:

Is the entire point of this poem perhaps a bit too abstract?..nothing concrete for the theme?

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