Guest Poet David Cannon

Picture of Heaven

The sunshine enlightens my spirit,

Breaching the darkest corridors of the soul,

Generating a golden radiance that illuminates my every move,

The colored petals of cherry blossom cushion my footsteps,

And stimulate my senses with a scent of true splendor,

Laying a sheath of sweet aromatic silk that caresses the skin,

The gentle breeze whispers throughout the treetops,

And catches the falling blossom,

Creating a shower of pink that cascades like confetti,

The sound of birds in chorus break the silence,

And the gentle flowing water of the clear stream keeps rhythm,

Producing a song of nature which fills me with tranquility,

On the horizon snowcapped mountains warm in the residence of the sun,

Plunging waterfalls spray against the sandstone rocks, 

Creating bands of color that arch in its mist,

This is my picture of heaven,

A heaven on earth.

August, 2000

David Cannon's Questions:

I would like to know what you think in general as I have had no experience in poetry?

I would also like any ideas on the best ways to seek publishing and ideas on methods of explaining feelings?

The Albany Poetry Workshop