Guest Poet Paul Cassidy

Thoughts from the Lost

She rode a Stallion, brought the thunder
from the realm she'd left behind
but not escaped
Crawled and huddled in my soul's darkest closet
Licking wounds with whimperings
that made me wonder if a dream
had crossed the line

I sought her out
Offering morsels of gentleness in exchange
for a glimpse of her hopelessness
Whispering her name softly in the darkness
till she uncurled and gazed at me
with empty, bluegrey eyes that wished for blindness
Reliving constantly the visions witnessed
and the pain of knowing

I prayed then
that her lips might be incapable of words
That her voice would fail to bring the thoughts
from soul to ears
For in that single glance I'd seen the night
and knew her name, now branded on my heart

November, 1997

Paul Cassidy's Questions:

Is this poem too abstract to be understandable?
The reader's first impression is that the poem speaks of a relationship gone bad. This is not the case here.
How can I make this more clear without just saying what I mean?

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