Guest Poet C.Lawry Brown

The Cove

The water freshened the bordered sand
As it spilled up to my door,
And carried with it flower petals,
As spring revived once more
The many trees, that in summer
Would hang their branches, low
The shade the cool, green water
And their banks to overflow.
When the waters have all receded,
Tides race to another shore.
The flats wait with patience
To be embraced and whole once more.
In fall, trees launch their boats 
Of brightly colored leaves,
As nature packs away its best
And trees roll up their sleeves.
And a comforting, quiet inlet
With its tall, wooden sentinels
Waits patiently for signs of green
And the splash of the mackerels.

June, 1998

C.Lawry Brown's Questions:

I want the reader to see this cove as I do, peaceful and serene, untouched by human intrusion.  Am I successful in making the reader smell the salt, the flats, see the fall leaves float on the tide, hear the splash of the mackerels?

APW Questions:

How does the use of rhyme affect the voicings in this poem? Comment to the author on the rhythm of the line.

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