Guest Poet C. Lawry Brown


Sometimes late at night
I'd wake up
to the sounds of yelling.
Teddy and I would get out of bed
and go sit in my closet.
The clothes and extra thick wall
muffled the noise,
and I cried.
Sometimes in the evening
While I was playing in my room,
Daddy would come home drunk.
He would hit my mother.
Teddy and I would 
go sit in my closet and 
make believe we were far away,
and I would cry.
One night there was crying,
my mother was hollering.
Teddy and I sat in my closet.
I could hear a man's voice
It wasn't Daddy.
This time I listened.
He said Daddy had a car accident,
Daddy was dead, 
And I didn't cry.

August, 1998

C. Lawry Brown's Questions:

Do the three separate instances of going into the closet set them apart enough to make the final one stand out?  Are the three lines about crying as effective as I want them to be?  I want to show that the other times she was afraid but she isn't anymore.  I have written strictly in close rhyme until now, free verse is a new area for me, have I achieved the effect that I want here? 

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