Guest Poet C. E. Chaffin

His Preferences

When you walk, bow shoulders back
to lift your breasts and steel your spine
to cinch your waist, but relax
your ass, let cheeks bob on femurs
like lollipops in carousel motion
and let your toes land first to swing
your strong legs forward weightlessly.

In blouse or dress I favor solids or small prints
so not to distract from nature's coloring.
Jeans are good, tight though not uncomfortable,
in blue or black; avoid white, I think it
pretentious and impractical while you are not.

When dressing or undressing in my presence,
please do it self-consciously, like Botticelli's Venus
who shielded her mons with Spanish moss
of gold, her nipples with an arm.

Don't treat your body as a body but my prize;
play the shell game with mortality--
Disguise, disguise!

November, 1999

C. E. Chaffin's Questions:

1) Does the carousel/lollipop trope work, or is it overwrought?

2) How many readers got the Frost reference?

The Albany Poetry Workshop