Guest Poet Patrick Chapman


Place me inside of your fear,
And I値l see how things are related.
Put me outside of your soul,
And I値l find why you hoped and waited.

Make me see your dreams at night,
And I値l spin a web of tomorrow.
Feel me slide inside a tear,
And I値l unlock forgotten sorrow.

Push me in your sacred heart beat,
And I値l find the rhythm of your shell.
Hammer me into your faith,
And I値l find where your demons dwell.

Knock me into your wishing well,
And I値l go the distance to make them true.
Bring me to your entirety,
And let me see the whole of you.

February, 1998

Patrick Chapman's Questions:

Do you think this poem works well as a sort of spiritual road map, and if not, how do you think it could be improved?
How do I go about getting poetry printed in large-circulation publications?
Thanks for all criticisms, I appreciate it.

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