Guest Poet Laurie Christenson


A trip over in flashing lights
scoots into the medieval period,
where experts spit down on tacks.
Foam rubber
A maiden believes in vacuums.
A gentleman strives for covered floors.
X-legged and burning madness.
Belief in relieving symptoms.
Faith in fearful ignorance.
No pain, so torch it in space.
Fourth edition, remarkable progress,
wouldn't you say Mr. Jones?
So, how is your car and house?
Transient epileptic walks in front of a bus.
Behind the scenes in an anoxic demise.
Smile for the camera.

May, 1998

Laurie Christenson's Questions:

1.  What are your thoughts about the general readability of this poem?
Is it easy to understand?

2.  What other ways to express feelings would you add in the poem?

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