Guest Poet Chris Cicero

Seeing You Yesterday

   I saw you come in 
Actually I saw you when I left the bathroom
But I didn't call out
Remembering our last encounter 
I was afraid

My feelings 
Adolescent in their intensity
Childishly pure

I had to touch you
So I reached out and touched your nose
I didn't hug you for fear I would not let go

You were present this time
It felt good to talk again
I wanted to say so many things to you
I didn't know where to begin, there were no openings

So much in this world goes unsaid

I wish I had said something else before I left
Looking back I can see I may have hurt you

Eye contact, a smile
Something other than "I gotta go"
And looking down
But I was getting overwhelmedand afraid I might start to cry or say
I Love You

August, 1998

Chris Cicero's Questions:

This is my first time showing my poetry to someone,so my question is, what do you think of it?

How can I improve my writing?

Any other constructive criticism will be appreciated.

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