Guest Poet Audrie P. Clark


Your hearts been broken.
Your soul is bleeding.
You're open and vaulnerable,
An invitation for infection.

Out of the blue she appears,
Your bandage for the soul.
Reluctant to apply something new,
Yet needing protection...

You let her in.

All the cracks in your heart are soon filled.
All the bleeding has stopped and the wounds scabbed over.
But the infection is hidden,
Running rampid through your veins.

Dorment it lies in the depths of desire.
Suddenly the fever, irritation and pain.
Finally it festers, wells up and burst.
This is much more damaging and painful than the first.

October 1997

Audrie P. Clark's Questions:

Is this actually poetry or just rambling?

I have read others poetry and have no understanding of their work, it seems so advanced. Is this poem too elementary?

I do not remember much about poetry from school as far as the technical such as form. Does the break up of stanzas in this poem fit properly?

Are there any books you would recommend for helping me put my thoughts into a "proper" format or should I just continue with my own unique form and just keep my work for my private enjoyment?

Thank you for your time and any information you can share.

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