Guest Poet Paul Copeland

Art is in the dreaming

Stretched canvas waits patiently
Anticipating the first caress 
Of sable hair brush 
Upon white skin

Paper anticipates release
From boredom of empty staves
Full of silence

Brushed stroke, brushed curve
Remembrances of scenes unfolding
Saturated colours filled with light
Stand out against white spaces of emptiness

Notes drawn with precision
On a time continuum grid
Containing preset durations
Notated hieroglyphics
Will only be deciphered 
By the inner circle

Canvas breathes completion
Upon itself and prepares
To be viewed, admired, critiqued
By gallery visitors
Who care to listen 
To what they see

Double bar line indicates
'End of opus'
Musical score 
Must now be recognized by instruments
Willing to become an aural experience
For listeners about to embrace the moment

Art is in the dreaming.

March, 1998

Paul Copeland's Questions:

This is my first 'serious' poem.

I am struggling with the sentence

"Remembrances of scenes unfolding" Perhaps this is a bit too cliched. I would like to change this line but to what?

The verse commencing "Notes drawn with precision is perhaps a little heavy. Does it need lightening up?

In the first draft of the poem I used the word 'the' a lot, but then removed it For example 'The stretched canvas waits patiently 'The paper anticipates release Does the poem scan well without the words 'the' at the beginning?

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