Guest Poet Anya Jimenes-Crane

Under the wave 
limbs swell from the inside out.
His eyes were the color of unwet wood.
A coastline named for the sunken ship
bears the same curve of her cheekbone
as she looks out to sea.
Now, she knows
about some lost cove
about some flooded socket
she can still remember tracing,
in among the gazeless pearls.

November, 2000

Anya Jimenes-Crane's Questions:

1.  This was intended to be about a woman remembering her lover who died in a the meaning lost in the second stanza? Would it be better (ie clearer) to say:

Now, she mourns
some lost cove
some flooded socket...

But I don't want it to be that obvious.

2. Is the word choice ( "gazeless pearls"..."lost cove") melodramatic? Does it make you want to laugh?

3. Is the first stanza too short, underbalancing the poem? Is that something I should care about?

The Albany Poetry Workshop