Guest Poet Barbara Ehrentreu

A Hard Wind Blew

A hard wind blew
Shook the foundation that I had come
To cherish within myself -
Swept with its high authority
That vulnerable interior
I had so long protected

A loud and angry force
Ripped through the timbers
Of the existence I had constructed
Tore apart the structure until it
no longer resembled a whole

Ripped into me like a bulldozer
Heedless of the damage
Relentless in pursuit of its desires
Tore through my life
Until all that was left were 
Pieces lying in chalk dust
Beneath the blackboard on the wooden
Floor of the schoolroom that was once mine.

Then as fast as it came
The wind disappeared.
I gathered  the cracked parts
And, with a strength 
That came from the truth,
Bolted them together
Once more the architect of 
my dreams.

March, 2000

Barbara Ehrentreu's Questions:

1.  This is about a specific person.  Can you tell that it is about my boss, actually the principal of the school in which I was teaching?

2.  Does the metaphor of construction work, or is it too forced at times?

The Albany Poetry Workshop