Guest Poet Barbara Ehrentreu

On Lake Champlain

Light, water, and sky merge 
Clouds wash across the the blue
Little wisps of white hang in space
Lavendar mounds rise above forested shores
Rock- covered islands appear 
One with a secret cove where boats 
Are tethered like horses in a corral.

Moist breezes bring possibilities
Sunshine and the drone of the boat's motor
I am at peace.

August, 2000

Barbara Ehrentreu's Questions:

1. In the first stanza I wanted to give the idea that you were looking at a painting?  Does that work?

2. I used the word, "meld", because I wanted to capture the experience of everything coming together.  Should I change it to "unite" or "join"?  I thought those were too common. 

Please let me know.

The Albany Poetry Workshop