Guest Poet Kathryn M. Eid

Alone Am I

"On this road, I walk alone
Following the footsteps
Of those who have gone before me
Shadowed by the innocent yet to come

I reach to the skies
Crying tears unheard
Silence muffled by the songs
Of the mourning dove

My heart is blind
Covered with the blood
From the spoken wound

I begin spinning

Visions blur
Thoughts entangle
The sun turns black
And I forget to remember

My body becomes lost
I am in a familiar world
Traveling an unknown road
Familiar only to those who see

The rain falls
Droplets cascade
Soaking my spirit and
Purging my soul of all the pain

My hands tickle
My stomach turns
As do I

The drizzles cease
Pain remains
But how
I know
Eternal sin upon my soul

The beating stops
I am once again lost

I wake to the light
Driving it's rusty knives in to
My heart, my eyes, my skull
It is supposed to be better
It hurts

The stars lie
I believe their tales
Innocent and naive am I
Too young to be among them
Too old for tears

People talk
They cry
I hear my name

I cannot respond
My voice is weak
And meaningless
My whisper burns the
cool chamber it travels

My life is gone
I lie with them and yet
With them I lie

December, 1997

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