Guest Poet Peter Fifield

I Gazed a While

I gazed a while into the glassy depths
to spy the wingless flight of fish.
Their quiet home in full view;
And me nature's intruder.
They looked like lost ghosts
suspended there in soothing stillness;
Waiting for Moonlight to aid their flight;
And me standing in their sky.
So sadly solemn is their silent endeavor,
and their endless reflections cast.
As though they were struggling with grief;
And me a senseless aberration.
They gather there with mysterious relief,
a wise restraint for this wary band.
As though their refuge could not be detected;
And me drowning in air.
I watched them depart in turbulence
with their necessary apprehensions;
Summoned to their further worries;
And me the lone survivor.

February, 1999

Peter Fifield's Questions:

Is this poem strong enough in description?

What does it lack for the reader?

Please be honest in assessment.

Thank You,

Peter Fifield

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