Guest Poet Adam Glick

A poem written in the back of a book

The World is funny I mean how two people meet
First strangers then
                               The first step,

They come to the realization that the other one exists
that they are not alone
another one on the journey to go HOME
to go back to Sanctuary to peace and Love were you can snuggle the world around you
and feel safe!

where people are real the real world.
I took the first step
the extension of real into the unreal into the dark desolate void        I said “you go to school too?”  she replied  “Indeed I DO” I go into the void into the never ending terror of unfamiliarity
We sat,
We talked,
                 feelings got expressed
                                                  worries concerns got passed
 Alas, the flight is at an end.
But no despair,

 I.     I have her digits here.
here I hold a line of light
 a path, a chain
 to guide me to the light
 to heaven on earth to the  end of the black hole that is my life and

 turn a new page a page of sunshine and happiness of peace and serenity away from the fiery  pits of hell away from that place in which I now write.
but I must continue to document this that is what is  real
I took the digits and held them long for days to me
then I made that faithful call to Marni to peace
We talked for minutes which turned to hours for half a school day I now Know what I must do

call again

October 1997

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