Guest Poet Mary Gonzalez

St. Valentine's Day Symphony  #4 in B Minor

Tonight Heavenís Angelic Choir
Orchestrates an annual symphony
The stroke of every key, harp and lyre
Weaves a melodic tapestry
Of harmonious resonance
Woven into one heavenly composition
That is music to the ears of every heart and soul;
Tonight there is to be an annual Ball
Entitled, "Love Amongst the Stars"
Sponsored by the Society
Of the Daughters of Aphrodite
Everything must be in order in the banquet hall
Everything must gleam and sparkle
And the place decked with a festive air of elegance
Tonight all the stars of heaven
Must come together under one black velvet sky
To form a crystal chandelier
That casts a prism of multi colored gems
On the ballroom floor;

Tonight will be a most unprecedented affair
Attended by every romantic couple
From Paris to Buenos Aires
And dignitaries as well as laymen
Will dance until the break of day
And dance under an open canopy
Of celestial stars
As their hearts break into a romantic song
As they listen all night long
To Heavenís Angelic Choir
Give their best rendition
Of† St. Valentineís Day Symphony #4
In B Minor

April, 1998

Mary Gonzalez's Questions:

Does my poem lack anything like punctuation or rhythm, rhyme?†

Does it convey my meaning?

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