Guest Poet Paula Grenside

Selamat Tidur, Bali ( Good Night)--- by Paula Grenside

" It was now the hour that turns back the desire
in those who sail the seas and melts their hearts..."  (Dante's Holy Comedy)

At sunset seagulls ride the waves barewing,
white flags on boats that sail back home.
In delirious discussion, the surf clashes
foam goodbye to ruffled almond leaves,
to red, pink, orange bougainvillea
whose full lips part to breathe last salty kiss.

The sun leans over horizon's balustrade,
he plunges into oyster pools with splashing light;
the moon, still trapped in fishing nets off shore,
peeks from the shadowed creases of the day.
The ocean pulls his liquid blanket further up
in lulling tune for tales and songs from fishermen.

Spellbound by giant eye of God, the sky dissolves
in streaks and slashes, a burning blue that merges
in amber shallowness, while silver marbles roll along
flushed sand, undressed to wear whole sky.
Their last vibrating violet breath greets the night
that climbs up sails and clings to ropes of stars.

October, 1999

Paula Grenside's Questions:

Does the poem succeed in trasferring the incredible show of a tropical sunset with nature and fishing boats (men) as one?

The Albany Poetry Workshop