Guest Poet Paula Grenside


The boat stops  near the limestone wall
sheer drop to Lampedusa sea
Rugged rock with cravices and holes,
projected into  turquoise water
translucent depth
deceiving fish
that flip off  from sharp hooks
into rippled reflections of underwater
Shimmering sea glides
over our tanned bodies 
while sapphire furrows lead to 
dark opening
between the rocks
We dive to win access to pale rose cave
the silence broken by drip dropping
of crystal rivulets
from pink-grey walls down to
a stirring pool
where  seeweeds kiss
indigo anemones in wonder
and blue-striped fish
seahorses dancing 
on curled tails
We sit on tapestry of limpets
and breathe the magic 
nature is unfolding
in glimpses of pink dawn
and amethyst sunset.

June, 1998

Paula Grenside's Questions:

Lampedusa is a small island south of Sicily, closer to Africa than to Italy. Golden and white beaches are framed between rocks.The shades of colors of the sea range the most precious gems turquoise, emerald, sapphire. Diving, you have access to caves jealously protected by nature.

Does the poem succeed in painting such piece of wonder? Which emotions are the "we" experiencing?

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