Guest Poet Pheonix Gunn


Somewhere along the way I was searching
For love
I lost my way along the slender walk
Toppled down through briar bushes and thistles
Cut my feet from the jagged stones
Landed in the middle of nowhere and called it home
But it is empty
The word
The place
I want to go home but there is no such thing
I love and receive hate
I heal and receive pain
I hurt and receive more and more
The emptiness I feel will one day consume me
I try to fight it off with fire, words and tears
But it stalks like a wolf and encircles me
Waiting for the right moment to strike
I receive in abundance things I do not want
The little things I wish for denied
Somewhere along the way I searched
But I never looked for me

August, 1999

Pheonix Gunn's Questions:

I was basically wanting to hear anyone's critisim about it as I have never asked anyone's opinion. I don't know a direct question to ask, except perhaps does it seem to point in the same direction or loose its focus somewhere in the middle?

Also what would you call the style? and does it sound like it carries real emotion or depth or more likely does it remind you of a depressive high school doodle?

   Thank you for your time.

The Albany Poetry Workshop