Guest Poet Donald Hahn

New York School Twist to Marge Schott

Marge Schott put her foot in it again!
She rambles incoherently, bigot remarks
as her dog relieves himself on the Mayor's rug
all the while Ms. Schott lights cigarette
after cigarette after cigarette blowing smoke
at anyone in her presence before she insults
their existence with a husky voice that scares
children when they hear her on the t.v. news
talking about how the man's game of baseball
singles her out because she is the only women
to own the majority of a baseball franchise
then she gets fined for bad mouthing
the association when she isn't supposed
to have anything to do with the team
while she's under suspension for the last insensitive
thing she said about someone in between draws
from her smoke factory which only shuts down
when there isn't enough room for a foot
and a cigarette side by side

November, 1997

Donald Hahn's Questions:

1) This poem is designed to imitate the New York School of poetry from the 1950s, does it work?
2) Please point out areas which need more vivid imagery details.

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