Guest Poet Clayton David Hall

Idiot Doll

Freezing in contrast,
Benign to the touch.
Helplessness sings odes,
Redundancy and such.
Wishing for blindness,
Thankfully mute.
Purely emotion,
Instincts acute.
What's unconditional,
And who's to decide?
Extinction needs feeding,
No tears are cried.
Pure retribution,
Darkness burns bright.
Pitiful excuses,
With truth in sight.
Sorry it's lucid.
Sorry it's scared.
Sorry it's over.
Sorry it's feared.

February, 1998

Clayton David Hall's Questions:

What emotions are portrayed?
What is the idiot doll?
What is the statement made?

The poem is about my relationship with my father, and how he doesn't understand what it's like to be a manic-depressive, and to use art and emotions to release the pain, and confusion.

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