Guest Poet Laura Harmon

Autumn Song
Within a leaf a fire burns
The frost comes drifting on the air
And in the dew on dying ferns
A spider's web is angel's hair
The wind blows sharper through the trees
The foxes curl into their dens
And in the dusk, the fallen leaves
Their cover to the cold earth lend
The robins go, the starlings fly
The clouds of coming snow portend
No longer buzz the dragonflies 
For Winter's just around the bend.

May, 2000

Laura Harmon's Questions:

Is the tempo, meter, or phrasing of the line "The foxes curl into their dens" awkward or out of place with the rest of the poem?

Is the phrasing of "Their cover to the cold earth lend" awkward (I can't decide whether I think it is or not)?

Does the rhyme scheme work well or does trying to rhyme detract from the poem?

  Thank you for considering this poem.

The Albany Poetry Workshop