Guest Poet Cheryl L. Higgins

The Muse

Lay with me, love. Lay long along me, hand in mine

     Cool as sea-glass fleshed upon my couch

As lovers lie in Hedon. Where dreamers drift aged

     And wake in taught youth and sinew, snaked

As we once wound limb and tendril - a

             Single sentient soul.

I never knew yours from mine (but that) until you

      Moved above me like some ancient dream

Unfolds its line and form and symetry - spiced skin

      Dry and hot, oh, afternoon or dawn,

Just come and keep me from my writing,

      Love - the burning leaf of paper dropped


                                your lips

                                              to mine.

March, 1999

Cheryl L. Higgins's Questions:

Query  "Hedon" is  a place I made up.  Not "Eden", it is the land of Hedon, or hedonism.  Does that work?

Is it "ok" to make up a place, well, of course I can make up anything I please, but does a reader "get" it? Did you?

Also, is the poem its self a little too obscure, or can it be devined what is being written about?

I have had several readers say "Huh?" and I am a little unable to see something outside of my own eyes; either they weren't looking to read poetry that isn't "in your face" in style, or else I am too "out there" in my romance....

The Albany Poetry Workshop