Guest Poet Cheryl Higgins


The years repeat 
                                    once you've had several of them. 
Once you do
                                    you see cycles in everything. 
In all things. 
                                    As if events were pulled
into place before you. 
                                    As though they wheeled through
your sphere of time
                                    or you were roatated onto 
their gordianknot paths,
                                    events luring matter into form
drawing from their
                                    spinning charges within
great rounds of design
                                    which by godcraft or 
                                    must pattern themselves an archetypal web 
of earthblood: stardark: soulsong:
                                    As if the heart formed all future loves
from the first bad break.
                                    The whirling of angst 
and ecstasy
                                    pain and safety
remorse and resolve
                                    So that years later you might,
in the momentum of the heart 
                                    find the design of love s intent
the pattern of childlaugh 
                                    and soulpeace
the fusion of blood and bone.

August, 1999

Cheryl Higgins's Questions:

APW question:

Is the heart of the poem sufficiently clear?

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