Guest Poet Cheryl L. Higgins

The Wife

A man hears the wind in the trees
and feels in his mind's eye the sudden 
suck of mechanical wings
the paper rip of broad-leaved things
umbrella trees
the soft after-rain on conical thatch 
and the down-draft of a passing god.

A man meets a man in war
and sees in him his own soul's life
so turns on him like feral 
dogs do when met on some mutual road to 
bring him to his knees
and as his life's love leaves him
raises up a brother grateful for his heart.

I do not join you in some war
Nor am I a brother to you I am your woman
and I hear the wind and see God 
In the Tetons
In the lodge-pole pines
In the thin air high in the Rockies.

May, 2000

Cheryl L. Higgins's Questions:

Is the subject matter too dramatic?

Does it matter?

Being mid to late 40's, so many potential lovers still are rendered incapable of having a relationship because of their Nam trauma - Do I need to develop that more?

Does this poem scrape the issue or address it in some way?

How awkward does the second stanza appear?

The Albany Poetry Workshop