Guest Poet Janet Jordan

Enlighten Me

Although we are not so empowered

To alter the length of our lives,

The depth and the width and the passion

Grow with each choice, be it wise.

The tricks in our pockets seem shameless,

The words in our books so complex,

The languages different with sameness,

The rituals we practice, perplex.

Our battles reflect of uniqueness

With weapons inflicting their toll.

Our prowess adept to completeness,

No training, just depth from the soul.

While windowless walls that surround men

Are chipped away brick at a time,

By caring and unreigned affection,

A shield keeps the power confined.

And those without walls are enlightened.

They see life so clear and so bright.

But would they be wise to be frightened,

Defenseless from all in their sight?

The choice between battle or travel

A path with its valleys and peaks,

I choose to go forth and unravel

This trip, without option to cease.

December, 1999

Janet Jordan's Questions:

1.  Does this make sense to anybody but me??

2.  Do the visualizations switch too much, or do you get the idea of common sights among common people?

3.  Is the dichotomy of 2 ways to view the world apparent or too hiddeor too obvious??

4.  All my poems rhyme.  Does that mean "go back to poetry 101?"Also, how do I punctuate?

The Albany Poetry Workshop