Guest Poet Karen Kingery


All of the silence grows loud
and a placid stillness replaces tension.
Envisioning a life unburdened with society,
unfiltered by your imagination.
Clouds seem to drift closer these days.

Press gently, my lips, to your heart,
Only so that I may taste your sweet soul.
Press gently, my ears, to your heart,
And my ears will hear the beating of your inner soul.

Heaped mounds of cherry kisses toppled, makes my stomach growl.
Flowing blood of crimson, deep red blood keeps pumping, pumping,
Makes my heart spin a whirl, thumping, thumping.
Could it have been your inner spirit that knew me from before?
I am only filled with your purity and sanctified.

Those eyes of amber expressed desires I have never known.
All at once, the moisture gathered to form watery droplets.
Drips sliding, falling, gliding the jagged surface in a fury to reach bottom.
One soul projected, reflected, and then my heart connected.
That night the crescent moon smiled sweetly.

Only you could make me feel all light-headed and queasy...
I had encountered that whirly, twirly true love sensation.
Then the cool wind whispered your name to me,
Leaves speaking through all of life's vibration.
As I began to fall back to the earth,
I had felt your presence in such a way that I was mesmerized.
Every encounter with you leaves me utterly breathless; speechless.
For now I had known the flowers have grown to full bloom,
Where not one single seed was planted.

My ears will hear the echo of the whispering of the wind,
Sending shivers through my bones, making my bones rattle.
And all of my thoughts will be with you and I,
Allowing the truth of serenity to grasp my hand.

December, 1997

Karen Kingery's Questions:

1. I was curious to know anything that doesn't stay together throughout this poem...

2. Any constructive criticism is appreciated, but why does this poem not get published?

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