Guest Poet Laura Kite

He Knew

The sun shone brightly,
Stillness roamed around,
The sky was blue, blue fire.
There was no gentle breeze,
No animal was seen,
Not one leaf stirred.
The heat was thick syrup,
Slowly pouring over the land,
Choking out every breath.
Searching left and right,
No relief was seen.
Suddenly, drawn by unseen strings,
I twirled around,
Felt the gleaming hope of eyes,
Above my head, drilling deep.
An eagle flew overhead,
A speck against the blue.
That eagle was my life,
As he dipped, soared, and knew.

December, 1997

Laura Kite's Questions:

I'm fifteen and haven't written much poetry. I'd really like any advice you could give me. Thanks! lk

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