Guest Poet Andrey Kneller


There arere two ways in life, two paths that you could choose
Follow others and you'll make it, being different you might lose
Breaking through the blurry clouds shines upon me moonlight's ray
And without any doubts I choose the undiscovered, darker way
People think I'm strange because I think of life in different ways
I never followed others for I'm an outcast from the human race
If you're scared, don't follow, 'cause on my path there is no light
For I've lived my life in darkness and it has just improved my sight
And I'm not the one that's blind, I'm just helping sightless see
And if you want adventures you're going to have to follow me
Isn't that the climax to journey where no man has ever been?
And isn't that the beauty to see the sight no man has ever seen?
So look at both sides of the coin and decide which one is right
To live your life in darkness or see the beauty of the night

Passing by the clearing clouds shines upon you sunlight's ray
And without any doubts you choose the safer, clearer way
Who could blame you? there is just too much for you to lose
For you're an outcast like myself and it's up to you to choose
Through all those years of traveling I learned a lot my friend
There are no ways to follow, and every path sometime will end
So enjoy living even if your path is not that clear and bright
On your way to heaven there's a star that will be your guide
At darkest night, when every path might seem to go astray
That star will keep you warm inside and shine along the way
And take your time 'cause there is so much for you to learn
On your trip, life will teach you something new with every turn
Joy, grief, despair, belief, calmness, rage, and constant change,
Friends and rivals, war and dove, deaths, survivals, hate and love
Those are just some things you will learn your lessons from
Life set them up somewhere ahead where you will roam

And as long as you enjoy living the way you that do
Whichever path you choose shall be the best for you
And there's nothing wrong with being unlike others
Each person is unique and each has different styles
Each has one game, with many different ways to play
Each person has a different view to look at everyday
For many people there is nothing like the warmth of light
For me there is no sight equal to the beauty of the night
And maybe we are not as different as it seemed to be
And maybe we just think about life a little differently

September 1997

Andrey Kneller's Questions:

1) What can be changed?
2) What do you like about it?

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