Guest Poet Amy Kumm


I wanted this for you
to rescue it from its place indoors
hanging on the staid museum wall
a hundred foot garden
woven our of cotton thread
someone made for someone once
and I thought beautiful
I thought I might bring its poetic form to life
so we might walk about its colors
I watched it here
hanging perfectly protected
carefully preserved
living just where it belonged
and decided, this was no garden for us
I left it there
and all its colors bled to gray
as I left
in search of another garden
real enough for the rain
and wind and sun to make it stronger.

September 1997

Amy Kumm's Questions:

I am having a very difficult time with the ending, but cannot pinpoint what
exactly doesn't work. What do you think I could add (remove) to make it

I am wondering about the sound of the piece when read aloud? What do you
think I could do to make it flow better?

How does it appear visually? How can I break it up to eliminate the row of
I's going down the page?

Any and all comments appreciated.

I recently discovered your web page and am excited to find so many excellent poets giving such wonderful comments. I am submitting a poem of my own that I feel needs major revision. This is intended to be presented to my groom on our wedding day, so I'm sure you can understand my nervousness surrounding it. I generally write with a much more dramatic/ usually angry voice, so I'm having a hard time with this venture.

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