Guest Poet Pradeep N. Mane

gentle demon

there is that silence.
the comfort of confidence.
no one looks beyond this face.
            no one wants to know the pain.
each one comfortable weaving his/her
and the one that tries to unravel
            gets caught in the web
                    of relationships.
its better to remain peripheral,
            lurking at tangent,
jousting feelings in casual candour.
            using to anchor.
            using to launch.
cause its no use merging;
all is momentary.
                    you were mine once.
you are mine again.
            waltzing in thought.
            divorcing in truth.
                    how long can one play
            this game of shadows,
                    that are one s own
            but can never possess.

March, 1998

Pradeep N. Mane 's Questions:

This poem is about relationships - heartbreaks, comfort, pining and regretting. does it convey these facets ?

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