Guest Poet Pradeep N. Mane

residue of memories

from this seduction of hope, 
seeking refuge in the blind beacon of faith, 
i have survived only on the promises you hold. 

from the comfort of isolation, 
i escaped into the bargain of sympathy, 
to find that there is warmth only in loneliness. 

grief hold my hand once more 
my orphaned mind pines for my soul. 
living in chaos only confusion understands. 

misery please come roost in this dead attempt 
strip away these layers of understanding. 
we never knew, we never shall fathom. 

iím a boy from the hills 
i get lost in your city. 
canít partake of your revelry, 
come share with me your sorrow. 

iíve known that 
deathís deceit is life. 
ní we gladly hang on to this pain. 
set free by fire, 
we donít even leave a trace-well. 
some prosaic ash 
†ní photographs buried in an album. 

November, 1998

Pradeep N. Mane's Questions:

This poem is about a small town person staying in a metropolis (like bombay) and his/her thoughts.

Does the poem convey that feeling?

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