Guest Poet Pradeep Mane

swerve from the sirens

down deep silence,
a silence permeating -
liquid in engulf.

years ago
a spurned terrestrial invocation.
dead fervour.
eerie blue. an ink dark shiver.
fear gripped dead descent.
aqueous walls closing in on
a silence of the irredeemable

piscine eyes visitations.
blind silence of vision.
blank to
strewn history of
amputated sailing.
the unforgiving ocean.

a silence of crypt,
of yesterday's bravery,
of doomed discovery.
a desolation of lost agony -
final balm to throes.

silence of lost souls. a quiet ethereal journey.
a silence of  widowed womb -
of the gentle wash.
an aborted welcome of
a new born cry.

February, 2000

Pradeep Mane's Questions:

I tried to capture the eeriness & desolation of sunken ships. the loneliness of the sailors' families thereafter. does it show through?

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