Guest Poet Valerie Markva

The Stew That David Made

"I stand before him
A raging delicacy
My nakedness does not reveal
The ashen dirt within me
Are you there?
Screaming in the hollow empty places?
Scraping the tender innocence
Even as my volition increases
I can feel your restraint on me
I am fading 
You come for me in the night 
I run away in wet clothes
Craving only what will not be given 
Could'nt make you into something your not 
Could'nt help but be the perfect little robot
You are the reflection that hovers in my mirror
Impatiently, while I await the winters end."

August, 1998

Valerie Markva's Questions:

Hi, my name is Valerie, I'm new at this and have a few questions.

First I would like to know how I can keep my poetry from being stolen when I submit it like this.

And secondly I would like to ask for a critique on the above poem, I have recently written a chapbook which is comprised of many differant types and styles of poetry, I would greatly appreciate some expert advice before I send it out for publication.

Thank you for time.

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