Guest Poet Shane D. Moore

Summer Street

The cobbled street is alive with children at amusement. 
Thankful for the broken hydrant, 
permitting them to frolic in the coolness of spraying water. 
The wind does not howl, 
the sun casts no direct rays down, 
but only for warming. 
Traffic is non-existent. 
Ingredients regulated perfectly so innocence is not lost. 
Smiles will last as long as droplets of happiness fall from above. 
No care in the world as clothes are soaked. 
Children, running around singing inane songs, 
along with splashes and laughter. 
Sunlight paints a rainbow for little eyes to see, 
arching within the fountain of 
Minutes pass as if seconds, 
as the frame of glee is captured by the pirates of childhood. 
Knowing this event must be savored, 
it will not continue forever. 
It is to be siezed as only children would understand. 
Soon the flow of delight is sealed by an unknown hand. 
 Unaware that the problem was not, 
 but a frame of merriment for the children.

July, 1999

Shane D. Moore's Questions:

 1. Does the poem stir within you the memories of your childhood ?

 2. Do the words clearly send the message of innocence ?

 3. What improvements can be made to concentrate the subject matter ?

The Albany Poetry Workshop