Guest Poet Pavel Nowseem

The Dark, Hard Secrets

looking into pools,

into glass eyes: 

so much is blurred,

so much watered down -

the grin of the communion boy,

the sun tanned holiday stare -

all those heavenly things:

solitary games in fading summer light,

the slower noises of the then flashing lights.

They re all tricks now,

tricks for the easily fooled:

folded like rag dolls,

into their silent home -

warning signs so sweetly sidestepped,

now bleakly stared at in the quiet of the evening's roarings,

such foolish things:

the gambles that boredom makes,

the naked body in the bottom of the garden,

stretched under the moon.

So, here I am, 

catch me if you can, chew on the dust I leave behind:

on the dust covered books of forgettable words,

propping up whatever memories 

 I can glean from their unfamiliar tone

and the dark, hard secrets 


between their lines

March, 1999

Pavel Nowseem's Questions:

Does this bit of of posey give any sense of nostalgia or loss or even frustration ??

Does it work on more than one level or is it just a piece of crap??

The Albany Poetry Workshop