Guest Poet Scott Odom

When This Door Opens

White is the color of this day
The sound of the kiss on skin moist with you
The click of teeth on teeth
The feel of bone moving
The side that you choose now has meaning
Long into the future
Doors closing down the hallway mean that those things
Are not for you anymore

Take my hand. Hold down my heart until the waters still
Pull hard against you, take me down
Take me down

This door closes, and another.

Outside, the branches slide against the window
The hard ground is frozen, the wind a blade
But here heat blurs the edges
Smoke rises, things burn,
Things burn away and turn to smoke
The edges of things make way for this
Teeth click on teeth, pull, bones, something hurts there
Something says no words
No words are here, none are needed

Just the pull, the edges, the smoke rising, the bones.
Or still.

January, 2000

Scott Odom's Questions:

I'd like to know if this feels complete. I am trying to communicate something about the nature of choosing, the altered state of love, the physical world of attraction, and the idea that each choice closes off all the other options that are avaliable until that choice is made- does this come across?

Also- is it too physical?

Does it seem only to address sex, or does it work as intended?

Any thoughts appreciated.

The Albany Poetry Workshop