Guest Poet Ciprian Pastinica

Love Inversion

The rainbow of our lives is all inversed.
Your red is my violet
Your orange is my blue
Your yellow is my cyan
And when you see chartreuse
I swallow green.
But when we look at happiness
We both say 'red'
And when the choler in our flesh
Makes your embraces aching
We both say 'violet'.

You - human ocean,
Throw your drops,
Outside your senses' cage
But never can I feel you drip
Or flow into my rivage.

When I say 'love'
You startle orange
When you say 'love'
I'm drowned in blue...
We act the same
But feel so different
The grain of sand,
Without a name,
Of white and black
Which is our land.

March, 1999

Ciprian Pastinica's Questions:

I would like to know if the change of pace and the relative freedom of the rhyme looks all right

Thank you,


The Albany Poetry Workshop