Guest Poet Kevin Patterson

At Home Again

The lamp glow falls across wood and glass.
As I stare out the window on brown winterís grass.
Echoes of sky blue and gray.
Wash across the sky on this cold winterís day.

On the peaks high above the valley floor white so bright it drinks away
the sound.
Muffles of coyote and a wolf howls cry.
As another angel drifts across the sky, and as the rays of sun rain down
to warm my face.
I took the hand of God and the gentle spirit holds me.

Voices on winterís wind.
Call to lovers lost.
A mother calls her son.
Ethan? Supper!
A farmer calling the cattle to theyíre feeding drought.
As I hear this I feel this.
I am at home again.

February, 1998

Kevin Patterson's Questions:

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What does this say to you?
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