Guest Poet Cynthia Peck

It has all come down to this
a rogue memory        pulls me thru black gauze.
Erotic images           you left
strewn                     across my bed
smooth skin             flesh
tongue shape           heady sting
round belly fruit
I am
vulnerable to your hands and mouth
You turn                  inside me
irregular                   tempo thrust
slow steady             hesitate
velvet rush
Dust of passion        clings
claims                     your scent
being                       essence
like a low fever I can't shake off
Silk memory falls, recalls
a bolt thru distance   echos of
this moment
specific in lust
But I still remember how your hand
found the hollow of my hip
and rested.

September, 1999

Cynthia Peck's Questions:

1. After the line, across my bed, where it continues with: smooth skin, tongue shape; is it lacking in transitional effect?

2. Is the line: specific in lust too formal or stilted to agree with the tone of the rest of the poem? Also, is there enough of a transistion from specific in lust to: But I still remember?

3. I know the title is lame, please suggest another one.

I will welcome all suggestions and comments. Thank you.  

The Albany Poetry Workshop