Guest Poet R. Rene Pengra

		(for joshua)

Cruelest sun.
I cannot fault the flowers 
	for baring their silken selves to you.
Even I turn my face to follow your shining path across the sky.
Your radiance and warmth are as inexorable as gravity.

I am your most distant and insignificant satellite
	a cold hard ball of rock and ice
		compelled to sweep about you in this lonely ellipse
Every advance and retreat an equal product of your force.

Cruelest sun.
How foolish, the flowers and I,
	to mourn your disappearance
To ascribe intentionality to your rising and setting
As if any of your exertions were truly directed at us.

The flowers open and close to you
	like a giant collective heartbeat
They are closer to you and tender.
	They do not last long.

But I sweep silently on,
	left forever to dream
	of that brief season
		when I thaw and burn
		           thaw and burn

August, 1999

R. Rene Pengra's Questions:

(1) Too much use of repitition?  (Cruelest sun, thaw and burn?)

(2) Is "every advance and retreat" too obscure?  Is the pun there invisible?

(3) Are the verbs evocative enough?  Or are they too cerebral?

(4) Ideas for a title?

The Albany Poetry Workshop